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6 hours ago // Breaking through the art block - + 3

Back from visiting my grandparents overseas.

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Anonymous asked: I really miss seeing art art, a lot, especially your characters. Is there any particular reason why you don't post as much as you used to? Is it because you're busy, or you just aren't as interested in drawing anymore? Just curious. It's a shame because you're one of my favorite artists. :(

Well… I DO love drawing. I DO want to keep poping out more art, but around three years ago (gah!) I had a very stressful time and something broke. It’s like a vital motivational connection got severed in my head.  I have so many ideas bubbling inside but… it’s blocked. Basically, this is what my routine is like-

1. Brain: Ahhhhh! I wanna draw this! Aaaaah!!

2. Body: Yeeeaaah! Got my coffee! Got my tablet! GOGOGOGO!!

3. ???: ……….why?

It’s like once I put my pen to the tablet everything goes out the window. I know people say I would get over this but it’s getting ridiculous now. I WANT TO SO BADLY get over that last bump. I don’t know what it will take to do so. Sometimes I wish something drastically would happen to push me over it.  :/

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Some storyboards and animation I did from ‘Giant Woman.’ For a long time this was my favorite episode my partner Jeff and I had worked on. It has since been eclipsed by more recent stuff we’ve done. This show keeps getting better and better, just you wait :)

Opal was amazing and the song was very catchy too.

1 month ago // Steven Universe - + 5955

Doodleys Dagur the Deranged

2 months ago // dagur the deranged - httyd - dagur - + 211

Have fun!

5 months ago // transformers - MTMTE - RiD - + 175

Wander Over Yonder Episode 1

Gave this show a shot. Pretty much lost it.

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8 months ago // Daft Punk - Milla Jovovich - + 33

Ok so…. Season finale was intense. For a kids show that was…. wow.

Also noting he said “We”. Who else could he be working with?

8 months ago // gravity falls - + 62

Car (Which I’m still paying) gets wrecked in an accident. Am I mad? Not really. Shit happens. Things will sort out.

Spilled coffee all over the computer. Graphics card fried. FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!


9 months ago // my life - + 1