Song mixing bowl

Cleaning out my cluttered Pandora account and looking through all my thumbs up songs. Thought I share ‘em. Don’t really care for the videos themselves since watching gives a different vibe from listening.

Giving It All - Bondax

Drop The Game - Flume & Chet Faker

Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders

Games - Claire

Tonight - Felix Cartal

alt-J - Tessellate

Window - The Album Leaf

Undisclosed Desires - Muse

Breath Of Life - Florence + The Machine

Mozart’s House (Feat. Love Ssega) - Clean Bandit

Take A Walk - by Passion Pit

Spectrum Of The Sky - Break Of Reality

Polish Girl - Neon Indian

Bird’s Lament - Moondog

Ahahahahaa, SDCC trailer of Gravity Falls showed Bill Cipher Object Head doodles in it. Wanted to draw something since the breaks between drawings are reeeaaaally far apart. WIP
Aaaahh!!! It’s like taking Iron Man, Totoro, a marshmallow and mixing it all into one. I want to hug it!!!
Cake time~
Tried drawing glassless Rung and gave up halfway. Booooooo~
Anonymous asked:
I really miss seeing art art, a lot, especially your characters. Is there any particular reason why you don't post as much as you used to? Is it because you're busy, or you just aren't as interested in drawing anymore? Just curious. It's a shame because you're one of my favorite artists. :(

Well… I DO love drawing. I DO want to keep poping out more art, but around three years ago (gah!) I had a very stressful time and something broke. It’s like a vital motivational connection got severed in my head.  I have so many ideas bubbling inside but… it’s blocked. Basically, this is what my routine is like-

1. Brain: Ahhhhh! I wanna draw this! Aaaaah!!

2. Body: Yeeeaaah! Got my coffee! Got my tablet! GOGOGOGO!!

3. ???: ……….why?

It’s like once I put my pen to the tablet everything goes out the window. I know people say I would get over this but it’s getting ridiculous now. I WANT TO SO BADLY get over that last bump. I don’t know what it will take to do so. Sometimes I wish something drastically would happen to push me over it.  :/