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Preview summary 3/24 episode of Dan Vs.


When Dan discovers that the girl he loves is getting married, he decides that the only way to get her back is to infiltrate the wedding party and attempt to ruin the wedding from within, but things go awry when he tries to crash the party.”


Edit: Should note this info is coming from my U-verse guide.

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Hahaha~ Somehow two of my Dan Vs. fanart is on that Dan Vs. facebook. I should really draw more of that. Not very motivated with the lack of new episodes…

…. Well I’m glad a new one is airing on the 19th. :D Dan Vs. Thanksgiving. I haven’t seen any commercials yet but I saw the info on the tv guide. I don’t know if it’s a special or the beginning of season 2. (Never trusted wiki).


Dan Vs. Family Thanksgiving

Dan is surprised when he receives a warm invitation to spend Thanksgiving with Elise’s parents, he decides to prepare his delicious, world famous deviled eggs to share with the family.


Edit: lololol, someone updated the wiki.

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Dan doooodles~

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As requested. Something daaaaaaaaw-full.

I have one pet peeve with this show. The drop-shadow effect they use doesn’t always align. I love this show so please improve that effect in the future~! @`_@

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"Nobody messes with my buddy but me!"

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